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David Chervony's works focus on the connections between objects and the body, and between the performer and the audience. Fueled by the excitement of discovery and the desire for surprise, David performs unexpected and moving juggling art.

With a background in circus and theatre, David’s diverse skill set not only makes him a unique solo performer, but a valuable member of a variety of ensembles. He has performed in operas, juggling festivals, and puppet-filled haunted houses. Contact him to see how his abilities would suit your next endeavor.

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Furthermore, David is a highly trained circus educator. He taught circus arts for three years at the International School of Louisiana and has led workshops at the American Youth Circus Organization Festival. If you want your kids practicing and playing outside, or to pump up your office community in a new way, consider booking David to teach a juggling workshop!

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as seen with

He was creative, captivating and talented! The audience, comprised of all ages, loved it!
— Chicago Hauntings


Fly By Night, Msa & circus arts

A monthly revue of high-level performance at the Meirmanov’s warehouse circus space, featuring David’s duo act “Puppet/Puppet” with musician, Matt Riggen.

funhouse, factory theater

A popular storefront theater is taken over by the circus, and no one knows if it will ever recover.

AFterparty at the wit, Theater wit

A new late-night variety show with live music and terrific circus had David throwing his diabolo all over the place.



The Arts, CIC Theater

This weekly late night comedy show provides David a platform to try out whatever he pleases. This week, David will be juggling PVC pipes with music by the singular Matt Riggen.


A new duo act with physical theater artist and juggler Richie Schiraldi will make its debut at this monthly variety show.


An evening of opera and circus arts at the Civic Theatre in New Orleans, LA with Elizabeth Rose, Gretchen Ernst, Glenna Broderick and others. David will be the MC, performing solo juggling, and clowning with Jean Claudio.

David’s professionalism is matched only by his one-of-a-kind content. It’s always a pleasure to have his bright energy in the room, and I can always count on a clean, fascinating, and brilliantly structured act.
— Madisen Dempsey, Heels Over Head


Of Three Minds

Of Three Minds


Two clubs, a diabolo, and a mannequin leg assemble and disassemble in more and more tenuous ways. 

Of three minds

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird by Wallace Stevens is interpreted by a frenetic professor with a juggling hobby in this comedic act.


A drummer controls a juggler controls a diabolo controls a juggler controls a drummer. A jazz duet with musician Matt Riggen.

Turn back

A dramatic juggling act with three clubs, in which David examines why he loves juggling and who impacts his artistic decisions.

Turn Back

Turn Back



David performs on stages, in art galleries, and for corporate events and parties. If you need a one-of-a-kind performer or a person to teach you how to juggle for your next performance, please fill out the form below.